Strategic Advisory

Our 360º perspective
makes a difference.

Our combined expertise brings a 360º perspective to our advisory work. That means you receive balanced, pragmatic advice.

Our advisory services include:

  • Strategic property advice
  • Highest & best use analysis
  • Acquisitions & disposals
  • Change of use/re-zonings
  • Commercial feasibilities & analysis
  • Preparation of investment brief
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Negotiation of commercial terms
  • Sale contract negotiation
  • Work-outs and recoveries

We advise across industry sectors including manufacturing, construction, education, logistics, tourism, health, finance, wealth management, government and more.

Assignments are tailored to the specific requirements and circumstances of each client and we act as a trusted partner, taking a long-term and independent view of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We are also prepared to back our advice. So, we will implement the strategies developed during the advisory stages of an assignment if that is what a client or capital partner requires.

Strategic Advisory

Project Delivery

Risk loves construction projects. And our no-surprises approach is the best way to manage risk.

When you only have an A team.

To start with, no surprises means that we apply our extensive industry know-how in a highly proactive way. We know the industry well and our expertise is quickly recognised and appreciated by other project participants.

Next, our leadership enables and encourages collaboration, responsiveness and flexibility from all participants. No surprises means no secrets – nothing is hidden, nothing is kicked down the road, and nothing is disguised as something it isn’t.

Finally, we are firm but fair. We listen, we think, we take advice, and we negotiate the variations or trade-offs required that keep a project on track.

We can also ride shotgun on a client’s behalf, where our talent for diplomatic engagement and practical problem solving come to the fore and add value.

No surprises might sound dull but, in our experience, projects are exciting enough when they are running smoothly. 

Construction management

Development Management:

  • Prepare development strategy/brief
  • Commercial feasibilities & analysis
  • Master planning
  • Due diligence
  • Authority approvals/DA’s
  • Contractor procurement
  • Sales & marketing
  • Leasing & pre-lease/AFL negotiations
  • Income/value optimisation

Project Management:

  • Program management & control
  • Design management
  • Tendering & procurement
  • Budget tracking & control
  • Authority approvals
  • Project reporting
  • Contract administration & superintendent services

Occupier Services:

  • Lease negotiations
  • Pre-lease discussions & budget assessments
  • Design & fitout guide preparation
  • Lessor/Lessee works coordination
  • Makegood negotiations

Asset Management

Our antenna is perfectly tuned to emerging economic forces, movements in supply and demand, as well as changing trends and tastes.

Optimising your asset throughout its lifecycle.

Our business intelligence is used to inform the highly practicable advice and services we offer clients regarding asset management.

And of course, along with a market antenna, we also need to have an accurate and reliable understanding of what each client’s objectives are. So, we invest in strong relationships. The more you are prepared to trust us, the better we will understand your interests and advise accordingly.

For us, ongoing relationships are highly prized, and we are extremely proud of the many relationships that we have formed and maintained during the course of our careers.

Our services include:

  • Strategic asset plans
  • Assessment of refurbishment and development opportunities
  • Development of income growth strategies
  • Manage business as usual (BAU) risk – operational, competition and market
  • Major and minor capital works
  • Annual asset planning
  • Valuation management
  • Asset reporting

Asset Management